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245 First Street


245 First Street has an eight story parking garage which is managed by Laz Parking , for use of tenants and visitors to the building and surrounding area. Parking may be purchased on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

During peak times Laz Parking Valet’s will attend to parking when needed, otherwise it is a self-park facility .

Payment may be made for daily parking at the main lobby of the building or at the exit gate. Only credit cards and prepaid validations may be used for daily parking. This is a non- cash operation.

Reserved parking spaces may be purchased at a premium to the monthly rate.
There are four EV charging stations located on the 3rd floor of the garage. While charging is free to users, normal parking fees apply.

Please contact Jafri at Laz Parking at 617-621-6081 or sjafri@lazparking.com for further information on parking at 245 First Street.

No vehicle maintenance or repair may be done in the parking garage.
Parking is for daily use. Please contact Laz parking to arrange for extended parking.

LAZ monitors the garage and also runs valet parking on overflow days. Parking in the city for visitors to the building is available on a monthly, daily or hourly basis. Questions regarding rates and leasing may be directed to Wesley Williams in the Management office and or directly to LAZ parking management.

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