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  Building Access & FOB's


Security access FOBS are required for admittance to the building perimeter doors and tenant floors after hours, as well as multi-tenant floors throughout the day. To obtain a security access Fob, change the name assigned to the FOB, or delete a FOB, a Work Order must be submitted by a tenant’s authorized requestor via Angus. A minimum of twenty-four hours’ notice is required to process FOBS. Fobs can be picked up when getting at the 1st floor Security Desk, after showing proper ID. All tenants must have their photo taken for our records.

New FOBS are issued at no charge. Replacement FOBS that are lost, broken, damaged or not returned are provided for a fee.


Vistors are allowed access to the building after checking in with security and should include the name, date and approximate time the visitor is expected. In the event that a visitor is not pre-registered through Security and or Property Management, a tenant may come down to the lobby and escort a visitor upstairs.

See additional details on Access Controls in the Security section of this handbook.

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